Diary: Fantasia – Sicut Cervus

Although I was asked to write a soundtrack for a mobile game, I am not sure if this composition will work in the setting of the game. There are too many audio variables that are not suitable with the design for this game, and this specific puzzle mobile game does not (in my opinion) need music.

Early on, I envisioned an ambient track scored for a very simple ensemble: Synthesizer (as a dominant pedal), synth choir, harp, and celesta. Whilst composing, the serenity of the synthesizer pedal reminded me of Sicut Cervus, a composition by Palestrina that I sung in my teenage years as a member of the Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal [NKZNYouth Choir. I organically made references to Palestrina, bringing the recurring celesta motif and Sicut Cervus into stretto (01:08 – 01:14).