Diary: Surprised by Snowflakes

Two years ago (2014) I received a commission: a trio for soprano saxophone, vibraphone, and piano. I fell into a deep depression before finishing the composition. Unable to write a single note (I was pondering the meaning of a singular tone whilst studying in Finland), I had to move my master’s degree from composition to musicology. In 2015 I focused my energy on my (ludo)musicology thesis, composing music again in the beginning of 2016. This miniature piece was intended to fulfill the commission, doubling as an entry piece for a degree abroad. I liked the composition so much, I decided to create a digital rendition for fuller orchestra (enforcing my original vision). The saxophone was replaced by clarinet and oboe, whilst the vibraphone was realised on a celestra.

The opening celesta solo (main theme stretto) (00:26 – 00:44) is reflected by a short oboe cadenza (01:37 – 01:42). The solo piano section (0:45 – 01:06) contains a harmonic movement of thirds, taken from the piano writing for My Immortal (Evanescence). Christopher Gunning’s Poirot theme is also briefly quoted for five seconds (01:37 – 01:42). The closing celeste chord was initially inspired by Peter Connelly’s “secret chime” from the original Tomb Raider video game: a minor major-seventh chord in third inversion played on vibraphone. This chord was intended to open the original composition in 2014, but I moved it to the close of the final work. The major seventh is doubled on the oboe and resolves to the tonic. Youtube links of creative-connected pieces are attached below.