Diary: Kulcha Quest

Last weekend I attended my first Global Game Jam (GGJ) in Pretoria @ The Innovation Hub. Amongst the many sounds and cues I had to assemble for four games, the looping track for Kulcha Quest was the best. Kulcha Quest reminded me of the Pac-Man, alla African. The game featured objects in a maze that you must collect within 50 seconds. Whilst in the maze, the Kulcha Quest track is played.

The track opens with a djembe and shaker introduction until a harp enters in the middle of the third phrase (00:17). The harp plays a tonic + dominant pedal point, which accompanies a melodic line consisting of perfect- fourths and fifths. This modal melody (Ionic) with pedal points allows the pick-up stinger to be played at any time; this stinger is played on a marimba (the notes C-D-E), heard when an object is picked up.

Although this track is short, simple harp writing sustained over percussive accompaniment is easy to listen to and can be repeated for four levels without irritation or boredom.